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Homemade Baby food (that you can buy)

Homemade Baby food

just apples so smooth

just apples, texture: so smooth

I had the good fortune of being able to sit down with Theresa Kiene of Homemade Baby and talk about a pivotal stage in infant development, starting solids. I was given minimal information from my son’’s pediatrician( a xeroxed copy from a page in a book), and not much else.

I was interested in experimenting with making my own baby food, but was also considering supplementing with Earth’s Best organic jarred baby food. After speaking with Theresa I was aghast to find out what comprised even the organic jarred baby food. The quality of produce used to make jarred baby food is usually labeled processor food. This is food that is on the verge of spoiling and can not be put on display as it is overly-oxidized. I was shocked and alarmed to learn that this produce, which would not even be fit for display, was being used to make baby food.

After doing further research, I found more information on produce grading systems. One such system was developed by Carey Reams. Fruits and vegetables are graded based on their refractometer reading. A refractometer is a device used to measure dissolved minerals and plant sugars. Produce is categorized in grades A,B,C,D,E. A is the highest grade, and E is the lowest grade. The lower the grade of produce, the lower the carbohydrate, rare and trace mineral, anti-oxidant and calcium content. Because of the low calcium content, the produce is susceptible to toxins from heavy metals and pesticides. Proteins are not able to form properly, thus the produce is teeming with free nitrates. The lower grade produce can cause indigestion.

Poorer quality food is not satisfying physiologically because it lacks nutrients. The body is left craving essential nutrients that were not available in the poorer quality produce. This leads to feeling full but not satiated. In order to satisfy that craving, people inadvertently over eat. In contrast consuming a smaller portion of very high grade produce creates a strong sense of satisfaction.

Homemade Baby makes fresh, organic baby food. The texture is exquisitely smooth and consistent. The flavor is very luscious. When I sampled the baby peas, I felt like the freshest peas were bursting in my mouth.

Homemade Baby uses a meal integrity system, which lets you track down the origin of each and every ingredient in every container that you buy. Simply calling the 1800 number on the website with the production code on the bottom of the cup will tell you on which farm or grove the ingredient originated, when the fruit was picked, when it was cooked in to baby food. I tried out the meal integrity system and can report that it was flawless.

Additionally, the plastic tubs are made of polypropylene, which is a safer plastic. Homemade Baby products are organic, kosher, and gluten-free. My little gourmand is a big fan. Perfect when you are in a pinch and can’t make your own baby food.

1. Food Quality and Health: The Carey Reams approach

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